A true 5 in 1

Your skin needs toning, you have a few wrinkles, cellulite or stretch marks? Try Flawless and you will be surprised by the results.

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Revolutionary ingredients

This product was created based on 3 revolutionary ingredients in the field of skin rejuvenation, restructuring and the fight against the growth of fatty tissue on a dermal level.

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Why Choose Flawless?

Boosted Restructuring Complex
  • More than a beauty product

    We are a tribe of women and men on a quest to health, beauty & happiness.

  • Size DOES matter!

    We give you a whopping 225ml of MAGIC at an incredible price!

  • Truly effective

    At Flawless, we do our research very diligently in order to offer you only the best and latest technologies in the field beauty and skin care

  • More value for your money!

    You don’t need to buy a product for wrinkles, cellulite,  fat reduction, body and for your face. We combine it all in one easy affordable product!

  • Anti-cellulite

    Carefully chosen ingredients that attack cellulite via lipolytic and draining action of the adipose (fat) cells

  • Slimming

    Perfect combinaison of ingredients that burn excess fat and ingibit fat cell multiplication & frowth for longterm effects!

  • Stretch marks

    Skin conditioning, tonicity and rejuvenation agents that procure an important reduction in the appearance of stretch marks

  • Anti-wrinkle

    Proven ingredients that ingrease the production of collagen, restructure the dermis, tighten the skin to reduce fine lines & wrinkles

  • Dark circles

    Improved blood circulation, increase in collagen synthesis leaving the skin looking more toned, firm & smoother


This product is crazy!!!
I apply it on my stomach, thighs, buttocks and you see a result at the first application! The skin texture is smoother and tighter and even more so after having had 3 kids. I have tried many products but this one is a notch above!<br>Thank you!!!!!!

A friend told me about the Flawless gel so I tried it. Within 2 weeks, my skin texture was totally transformed, my butt became smoother and firmer.
After 1 month, I started seeing the side dimples appear. I now use it everywhere. I have never had such results with other products in the past, nothing compares!!

I really want to thank you Flawless Canada!!

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate your product. I can see a clear improvement in the firmness of my skin and add to that, the radiant glow that the Flawless gel gives me.

I am really happy and satisfied with your product.

Thank you!