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Who is the Flawless Boosted Restructuring Complex for and how do I use it?

Any woman (or man), from adolescence to …

You can use the Boosted Restructuring Complex:

  • As a preventive measure to keep a youthful, glowing & flawless appearance before the signs of damage appear.
  • As “skin repair therapy” to turn back the clock and diminish the appearance of wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks
  • Preventive and body slimming care
  • Post-slimming diet treatments
  • Face slimming care
  • Eye contour

Apply twice daily everywhere and anywhere you want to see results. Our formulation was created for application on face & body and is completely safe. As with all products, you can apply a small quantity on the inside of your wrist and wait for 12-24 hrs to see if you have a reaction. All our ingredients are rigorously verified and approved by Santé Canada. * Due to its caffeine content and high absorption rate, those more sensitive to the effects of caffeine may prefer to do the second application at least 4 hours before bedtime.

What is the Boosted Restructuring Complex?

This product was created based on 3 revolutionary ingredients in the field of skin rejuvenation, restructuring and the fight against the growth of fatty tissue on a dermal level. The effects are cumulative and long lasting because they restructure the dermis!

These SUPER INGREDIENTS have been individually laboratory / clinically tested to make sure we offer you only the best ingredients available today. They were also COMBINED WITH OTHER WELL-KNOWN AND PROVEN-EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS to push efficacy even further!

This incredible combination works on many levels to provide you with a truly FLAWLESS skin & appearance as much as possible.

Why Flawless over any other brand?

Why Choose Flawless?

  • Because at Flawless, we are more than a beauty product, we are a tribe of women (and men :D) on a quest to health, beauty & happiness.
  • You want a product that REALLY WORKS? SO DO WE!! At Flawless, we do our research very diligently in order to offer you only the best and latest technologies in the field beauty and skin care, to insure that our products are truly effective.
  • Because we give you more value for your money! Our Boosted Restructuring Complex combines a multitude of improvement effects in a single product! You don’t need to buy a product for wrinkles, another one for cellulite, another one for fat reduction, one for body and one for your face… We combine it all in one easy affordable product!!
  • And did we mention size? Size DOES matter! We give you a whopping 225ml of MAGIC at an incredible price!!

A veritable 5 in 1!

  • Anti-wrinkles
  • Anti-cellulite (lipolytic action)
  • Reduction in fat tissue growth and multiplication
  • Important reduction in appearance of stretch marks
  • Anti-dark circles (under the eye)

Why does it work so well? / What does each ingredient do?

SVELTESSENCETM: Global reduction in adipose tissue growth Works on Adipose (fatty) tissue control. The combination of ingredients reduces fat cell size, burns excess fat and acts as an inhibitor of (PAI-1) fat cell multiplication & growth.

Laboratory testing concludes: After 24h, inhibition of the angiogenic process was clearly observed. The action of Sveltessence™ on PAI-1 induces an inhibition of neovascularization of adipose tissue with a dose-dependent effect. Adipocytes metabolism is therefore altered and adipose tissue growth cannot go on.

ISOCELLTM SLIM attacks cellulite by its lipolytic and draining action of the adipose (fat) cells. Its effects are: body slimming, face slimming and eye contour. Caffeine, a xanthic base naturally found in coffee, tea and cocoa, is the most famous lipolytic ingredient for slimming formulas as its efficacy has been proven for many years.

Laboratory testing confirms: Isocell™ Slim penetrates deep within the tissue in order to drain & reduce the size of fat cells.

CHRONOLINETM is a biomimetic tetra-peptide that reduces fine lines & wrinkles. It acts at the dermoepidermal junction to boost the production of collagen VII, laminin-5 and fibronectin for optimal skin structural support. It restructures the dermis for a more youthful appearance and reduction of wrinkles.

Calendula officinalis flower (Pot marigold): Emollient action to soften the skin. The flavonoids and saponins contained in the Pot marigold flower are also known to promote skin healing and repair, and to reduce inflammation.

Fucus vesiculosus (Bladderwrack): Promotes skin’s elasticity and combats cellulite.

The diuretic value of this plant (algae) extract eliminates fluid buildup trapped within the layers of the skin. This fluid buildup is partly guilty for creating the “orange peel” aspect of cellulite.

By also improving blood circulation, bladderwrack brings double the fighting power against cellulite.